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I consider myself a humble person, but I am proud to say that contractors and homeowners hire PJR Electric (me) to make up their panels. While every panel is different, this picture depicts the level of care I take with the panels I make up. I still see things that I could improve, but you can trust you are talking or working with an experienced electrician at PJR Electric. When a code inspector or home inspector sees this level of craftsmanship in a panel, they become confident that the rest of the electrical system is safe and up to code. When an electrician opens this panel in the future, they won't question the workmanship, and they will most likely try to keep this panel neat and clean. When I open someone else's panel and it meets this level of work, I call the homeowner over to express my gratitude. I explain that the person who worked on their electric system took great care and whatever issue the system may be having, is likely not due to poor craftsmanship.

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